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BUILDBEST ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION PTE LTD is a Singapore based company successfully providing:

Home Renovation Singapore

HDB home renovation Singapore

Landed House Renovation Singapore

False Ceiling Singapore

Painting HDB Singapore

Painting Commercial Building Singapore

Painting Condominium Singapore

Painting Landed Property Singapore

Painting Private property Singapore

Painting Shop House Singapore

services to every individual’s painting needs with an exceptional track record spanning almost four decades.

Painting HDB

With more than 5 years of experience in Singapore HDB Painting Services and House Painting Services, Buildbest Painting is the preferred choice for Singaporeans.

Looking to beautify your walls with a harmonious combination of colours? Buldbest Painting’s professional HDB Painting Services and Colour Painting consultants will help provide professional colour matching for you! From problems like fading, flaking or chalking of paints, efflorescence, holes & cracks, Painter Cube has the expertise to provide consultation.


  • 3 room flat – (2 – 3 days)
  • 4 room flat – (2- 4 days)
  • 5 room flat – (2- 4 days)
  • Mansionette – (4 -6 days)

Painting Commercial building

Commercial painting is painting done for business premises. Besides the ordinary painting services offered, the commercial painter is preferred because of the expertise and wider scope of services they offer. Due to the commercial nature of the premises, the painters work closely with other contractors to ensure that the job is completed within the stipulated period.

Commercial painting is done to enhance and increase the market value of the building. The services are extended to offices, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and shopping malls. Besides interior and exterior painting, each job includes surface preparation, power washing, sand blasting, and coating. All these elements are part of the quality workmanship commercial painters provide.

Painting Condominium

You can certainly see more condominium rising in Singapore now. Prices of homes are rising and the expectation of home owners are rising too. Everyone loves to have a clean and great looking home. Painting your home with the right color with the right Painting Company can make a great difference to your home.

Painting requires some knowledge and skills to complete the job. When searching for a painter, you need to verify the painters’ qualification first and take a look if they are properly trained before asking them over to your place to start the painting job. Many companies provide training’s for their painters before allowing them to start work. Selection of which painting companies to engage is quite a headache, entrust the job to the company which provides you with the best quality of labor work.

Painting Landed Property

We have painted over 200 landed property since we started. Is your landed property a bungalow / detached house, linked house, semi detached, terrace house, corner terrace house, cul-de-sac house, town house or cluster housing? We have painted them before.

Be it interior or exterior wall painting. We are confident in delivering our highest quality of work to our customers.

We have our own scald foldings, so we do not loan it from other company, meaning the cost of painting will be lower for you.

We will need to view your landed property first before we can quote you.

Painting Private property

Never underestimate the value of excellent painting can bring to the exteriors of your home. It does not matter whether we’re working with wood, brick, cedar shingles, vinyl or stucco. Ideal Colours are expert and professional painters that can work with any material you may have. Before starting with the painting job, we’ll have everything prepared to ensure safety of your property.

Services we offer:

  • Protect decks, trees and other plants nearby
  • Remove mold and mildew
  • Pressure wash surfaces
  • Waterproof doors and windows (upon request)

Painting shop house

In commercial premises, there are many regulations to follow. With Buildbest Painting vast experience & professional project management & scheduling, we will ensure that the Painting Shop House projects awarded are delivered in a safe & timely manner.

Our team has undergone various training to ensure our processes are aligned with the many government regulations. This has made us a preferred choice for Painting Services in Singapore.

Buildbest Painting provides professional Painting Services for various commercial premises includes retail, offices, shop houses and buildings. Contact us today for a non-obligatory quote!

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